1. FakeOhMars

    What Do You Believe In?

    What are your religious/spiritual beliefs. I was raised Muslim not religious at all anymore. I would say I was more spiritual then anything, but I dont get too deep into that either. I think everything is connected in a way and we have all some of the "source" in us.
  2. bluntedsultan

    Poll Has the internet become a hopeless toxic place?

    (This is not an attack on anyone specific, but if the shoe fits...) After going back n forth through various social media platforms, forums, and comment sections I say yes. Mainly, thanks to the privacy of it if you choose that route We have nothing but ignorant people saying the dumbest...
  3. AP2.5

    DISCUSSION - How private are you?

    So this just happened at my job... let me preface this by saying there is a lot of messy females at my job so...whatever lol Chick A is pregnant. She is an extremely private person and subscribes to certain beliefs about respecting other peoples privacy. An example of this is, even if you see...
  4. Golden

    Risk of child abuse raised eight times if living with unrelated male adults

    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/25/why-are-mothers-boyfriends-so-likely-to-kill.html Why Are Mothers’ Boyfriends So Likely to Kill? “Our daughter is dead. The guy that’s been living in my house murdered our daughter.” The details of the harrowing “Baby Doe” case are still...
  5. Goldie

    Women Who Refuse To Take The Man's Last Name After Marriage

    How do you feel on the subject? @the men Would you find it disrespectful for her to not take ur last name? @the women Do you find it disrespectful that tradition tells u to change ur name to ur husbands?
  6. MzLyricist

    How you black and you ain't never seen......

    Was just joking around about this with a friend earlier and then when I saw it mentioned in one of the threads I couldn't help it . We all know there's certain movies all black people are required to watch lol....got to know memorable quotes from the movie and errthang. You can literally get...
  7. AP2.5

    What is the meaning of your screen name?

    what the thread title says AP = All Parish 21 is just my old high school bball no. backwards
  8. S

    Is Chivalry Dead? Ladies Are You Willing To Fight Your Own Battles?

    How do you handle this type of situation if your man doesn't defend your honor?
  9. Loquacious

    Turn ons.

    What turns you on about the opposite sex. For me it would be intelligence, humor, great listener (because I talk and ramble a lot), manly, strong minded, a little hood, deep voice and some other stuff.
  10. Goldie

    How Long Would U Wait For S/O To Get Their Sh1t Together Career Wise?

    For yall who've seen Insecure , yall should know what I'm talking about. But for those who haven't, if you were dating somebody who was having trouble finding a good job or getting their plans off the ground, how long would you stick around?
  11. Goldie

    How Long Do You Wait In Ur Relationship B4 U Stop Using Condoms?

    How long do you wait in ur relationship b4 you stop using condoms? :uhhuh1:
  12. Goldie

    Does A Person's Past Matter?

    For the men, if she told you or you found out shorty used to be a hoe/had a hoe phase about 5 years prior, would you stop talking to her? For the women, if you told you or you found out he had a criminal history (sold drugs,gang activity) would you stop talking to him?
  13. Old Man Cain

    Thoughts on this pic

    I'm cool with supporting my woman, women and daughters like buddy did. BUT no way in hell my son and I are painting our nails for the cause. FOH What's your thoughts is this no big deal or would you go against your norm to support your loved ones while including your child?
  14. Goldie

    What Are Your Relationship Flaws?

    What are things that you've learned about yourself in regards to relationships that you may have been told from an ex or you noticed on your own in retrospect that can be perceived as negative? I'll start it off. I've been told and noticed that I nitpick alil too much and don't know when to...
  15. Goldie

    Gender Roles

    Do you feel there's a yin and yang to everything and gender roles are necessary? or do you feel there's no need for them?
  16. Chi-Town B

    The Parent Thread

    I know some of us got a rugrat or two or in my case many. Lets use this thread to discuss the highs and lows of parenting
  17. S

    You Come To My Spot.... We F@#k'N

    Ladies and gents... What the rules is when you have company of the opposite sex? Do you wait after they visit a couple of times?
  18. Baldheadlogic

    Date or not to Date

    How do you feel about dating multiple people at once? Or finding out you're one of many they're dating?
  19. Goldie

    What Are Dealbreakers For You?

    When dating someone, what are the dealbreakers for you, that'll make you no longer want to talk to them?
  20. Duwop

    Men confess what feminine things they'd do if stereotypes didn't exist

    I ain't feeling this... why they had to advertise this shit with a brother? https://www.the-pool.com/news-views/opinion/2017/2/what-men-would-do-if-stereotypes-didnt-exist Sew, pamper, wear yoga pants, wear skirts, according to a new Reddit thread. And they'd cry, too Posted by Zoë...