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I had tulips in my front yard, but then things are a rabbit magnetic...

So one of my bell pepper plants didn't produce anything all summer. Now it's about time to clean everything up for fall/winter and it NOW wants to grow something.

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Same thing happened to us.

That plant looks nice and healthy @Tayboo !

strange, it's been a weird year for us as well. We can usually grow peppers or tomatoes all year round but they havent been putting out fruit this year. I've got some plants that have been in the ground damn near 6 months and nothing. Ima let this storm take them this time around and start over.

Maybe the temp has been too hot? iono
Anyone planting anything for Autumn/Winter??? I planted some Autumn carrots, beetroot, winter kale and will plant some elephant garlic too...

Unfortunately I couldnt save the tomatoes this year, I threw aload out earlier in the season that got blight but did try to save a couple plants, they did grow despite looking poor but when they turned red they always ended up with white, fungus type sh!t all over them...
Picked my red cabbage, not the greatest success as I only got 3...

Out of the 7 or 8 I grew only 3 formed into the tight cabbage layers and one is tiny lol think I may have overcrowded them though as I underestimated how much room they take up...

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