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FEATURED Who Had The Worst Fall Off Since 2012/2013?

I think a “fall off” is when your core fans don’t even fuck wit’ u like they used to…to me that doesn’t apply to Pro Era (Joey Bada$$) or FBZ’s because they still have their same “cult following”…just because FBZ’s never “crossed over” just because others think they may have been trying to or needed to doesn’t mean they fell off…at least to me

Like Rocky, Chance, Big Sean are nowhere near tha level they once were….some of tha more “underground” artists have stayed consistent in their lane

That’s like sayin’ Curren$y fell off cuz he’s not on any charts like that
Rocky, Chance and Big Sean def not at the height they used to be but they still arent wack (imo).

they didnt forget how to make good music...just for one reason or other the mainstream appeal is gone.

we all know popular music is not married to good music.

Big Sean put out an album with Hit Boy before Nas... but he ain't relevant according to... yall

They actually released an album this summer. Swae Lee also has like 3 songs on the Across The Spider verse soundtrack.
I'm washed so I really don't know what's going on and like I said it's mainly because thot rap has been the focus now. Last thing I remember dababy got cancelled for saying some homophobic things at his concert now all I hear is ice spice ,sexy redd, sukiyana blah blah blah oh and random "rapper" I've never heard of got killed weekly.
The other main problem is internet drill rap with these gamertag ass niggas" ynw ,ybn etc banging on the net. All that internet thighing" pulling up on the opps" need to die and focus on real rap. Thers still dudes out there like k dot and tde, cordae, Denzel curry, earthgang etc that are worth listening to