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FEATURED Who Had The Worst Fall Off Since 2012/2013?



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It's been 10 years since Drake said this on NWTS. Who had the worst fall off since 2012/2013?

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None of the ones that really matter.

I think we all recognized the "flavor of the month" ass niggas from the ones who we knew would have longevity.

All of his "competition" (his peers) are all either HOF worthy (Kendrick, Cole) or really great and still relevant in different ways( Big Sean, Wale, Curren$y, etc.)
Drake to me, is a guy they keep the lights on fight for a specific reason.

After he got caught up on them charges of stealing lyrics, it killed a lot of luster he had. Rap music is too o these who’s still around conversations.
Big Sean had some of the best music out of that class, but it was inconsistent. It's not like he had a gradual fall off, he just wasn't as popular or as good as his peers. I don't even remember what Wiz Khalifa sounds like anymore.

And Drake is in that Bad Bunny class to me. He may as well be on next year's Summerslam tagging with Trish Stratus vs Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.
Well let’s see…2013….

Rocky is around but he’s nowhere near musically where he was 10 years ago mostly due to him just not being frequent enough

But he was just really getting out there 10 years ago so idk if I even want to include him for sure

Big Sean- afterthought who fought hard to be a member of the big 3 but somehow couldn’t even make up a big 4

Wiz- fell off hard around 2016
All them pro era/underachievers/Flatbush zombies niggas never did shit except Joey badass
New York had an entire movement that got overshadowed by the BK/BX drill scene. I ironically was a VERY SMALL part of both movements (Pop Smoke was from my hood where we was doin some of the first drill music in NYC) so I'll add myself to that list 🤣