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COMMUNITY What’s The Last Impulse purchase You’ve Made?

A new handgun.

... Today.

100% didn't leave the house after work to go buy a gun; I left to grab a few groceries. Pulled into the shop 'cause it was kinda on the way to the grocery store I was heading to. Saw a joint there I liked for a good price and dropped the money on it. If I had got there earlier I'd have it in my hands right now but the background check didn't come back before they closed so I'll prolly pick it up at lunch or something.
Oh shit, what you end up gettin
Oh shit, what you end up gettin

SCCY DVG-1. It was a trade-in and they had it for $140. I wanted a lil backup piece and that fit the bill just right.

They also have a .38 special Derringer that I REALLY want just to have it. Shits is like $110. I might go back for it next week if someone else doesn't snatch it up.
Does that type of protein shake really make a difference than say, this one I currently have?

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Lol actually yeah

I loved it so much i bought my wife one the day after

I have ones that you have for pre/post workout but the electric one I use just for protein and it mixes it a lot better than when I would shake it myself

Like there would be some powder leftover somewhere
I got about over 100 Brooklyn Dodgers & Brooklyn Cyclones 59Fifty fitteds

I'm always looking for the latest one before it sells out. This is the latest one I bought.

Yo son ..... you can't tell me this ain't butta yo
You see that Ebbets Field side patch drip?
That's so Brooklyn 😁🤙🏾💪🏾😎

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worth it or nah? for 40 im wondering how powerful it is. If that shit is weak itll be pretty useless for cleaning
Idk yet since it comes later today

I had like scrubbers in the past that you would attach to a drill so I’m kinda trying it out again

The reviews seem pretty good though