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COMMUNITY What’s The Last Impulse purchase You’ve Made?

Sony Montana

Core Four
Mod Squad
I was just on the toilet and bought a weight bench after wanting to look at prices for adjustable dumbbells

Whats something you guys bought recently you really didn’t plan to or on a whim?
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I don’t know if it’s an impulse buy or not. I see something and I’m like nah, but I do want it. The I wait weeks, maybe 2 months and I may finally buy it. It’s like it has been stuck in my head for to long and IF ITS ON SALE, I will finally buy.

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All of my impulse buys has something to do with bowling. This is the last bowling ball I bought.

DV8 Verge Solid Bowling Ball
Bought a fuckin’ Off White LV letterman jacket at tha end of tha winter even tho I know it doesn’t get cold enough really in tha dead of winter down here to wear like that…but fuck it lol
YEEZY's (foam runners)

His shoes are currently being auctioned by Adidas (by draws) and being a member of Adiclub .. I get to be front of the queue on exclusives
I bought a stand alone 4K player for Dolby Vision even though I have a PS5 and XBX 🤦🏿‍♂️

Those consoles don't have Dolby Vision tho for watching UHDs