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FEATURED Using Instagram While You're In A Relationship



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Does your s/o follow you on IG?

Do they care about whose pics you click "like" on?

Have you ever had any arguments based on shit done on IG?
Yes we follow each other


We did in the beginning because I didn’t post pictures of her or us but I’m not on ig for that. My primary use is follow photographers and travel photos to get inspiration
Me and my wife follow each other on IG and TikTok

I don’t even go on Instagram unless she sends me something on there. I probably got like 2 posts total.
Lol it’s amazing how this is such a thing for relationships these days

I got told awhile ago it’s actually pretty nice that I don’t be on social media like that because there’s so much stuff attached to it

If I was on IG I would like bitches pics all day though

if it was ever an issue I wouldn’t give a fuck

I should start following my wife though. I would be a crazy troll
IG has caused minor static here and there in my past relationships. And it's super annoying. Unless it's SUPER flagrant, don't come to me talking about some shit you saw on social media. That's a quick way for me to start to reconsider shit. Ideally, me and my next S/O, if there ever is one, won't follow each other on social media.

I can think of very few positives and very many negatives.

If I need to block my girl to avoid issues, either her or me is fucking up. This is crazy

You'll be amazed at how just the smallest things a s/o see on social media...can spark drama for your relationship. That ain't got nothin to do wit either of you muckin up. Past relationship made me wise to that. So far...its been no issues. No...

"Why did you *insert bs* on IG, but didn't *insert bs* when I *insert more unnecessary bs*?"

...those type of arguments.

I've seen too many folks allowing social media to corrupt their relationship. B/c it ain't always the s/o who cause the issues. It's the people they got following that be detrimental to the relationship.

She was surprised when she found out. Maybe a lil perturbed at first. But she dealt wit it, and hasn't been an problem since.