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COMMUNITY The Joe Budden Podcast

Did Joe and Flip have an issue, Joe was adamant him missing wasn't because of him
Well I see that he showed up,but before then I was gonna say it sounded like Joe was saying that Flip wasn't missing because Joe suspended him or anything ,he just wasn't there.
Ish and Ice saying they'll stash the murder weapon for their kid is nuts lol
Listening now and there’s a whole other option they didn’t explore. There’s nothing my kids could do that’ll make me TURN THEM IN. But there’s plenty of shit they could do that’ll make me not help them get away with it.
Didnt know google had podcast. Whats the significance?

Nothing if you dont use it like that. I wasnt really a fan of streaming pods on Apples app so I used Google Podcasts more often than not. Google saying youll be able to get podcasts thru youtube music without a subscription so its prolly not gonna be too much of an adjustment