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Russia Declares War on Ukraine

Oh shit....

France has the ‘chairman’ role of the EU in a few weeks/month - and crucial presidential elections - and with The Netherlands and several other member states have been lobbying for a EU military for years, this is some Oldskool military industrial complex marketing bullshit were witnessing in Ukraine … politics based on fear. They’re spinning this crisis as another reason why they should implement a EU military instead of nato. Literally trillion euro industry’s - French / Dutch weaponry/submarines/aircrafts etc.

russia has been military active in the Ukraine for years, they can’t logistically conquer the Ukraine in the conventional way and even if they could, no one in Europe will fight for the Ukraine and the US can’t stop Russia if they would.

Dont fall for all the fear mongering bullshit Putin, Biden, Macron etc are serving up, they’re all full of shit and trying to keep your eyes of the Covid ball cause the Pandemic is ending and due to corrupt government officials inflation is at all time high.