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SMH.. I thought just had a broken leg…

PWInsider.com spoke with former Ring of Honor Champion Eddie Kingston tonight in order to secure an update on his injuries.

As previously reported, Kingston suffered a tibular fracture working for New Japan Pro Wrestling several weeks back in California.

Kingston confirmed that he suffered tears to his ACL and meniscus as well. They will require surgery.

While Kingston had hoped to be back by AEW's All In: London, his post-surgery recovery will likely mean he will be out closer to nine months. If that timeline stands to be correct, Kingston would be out until January 2025.

In speaking to PWInsider.com tonight, Kingston commented, "This is part of the game. Injuries happen. I will be back."

An AEW mainstay is moving off the holiday weekend.

Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp has learned that AEW plans to imminently announce that they'll be moving this year's AEW All Out off of Labor Day weekend. The event will still take place in Chicago, but will be Saturday September 7th from the previous date of September 1. AEW sources we spoke to confirmed that they moved the show due to fan concerns about All In and All Out being too close together. As a result, the show moves from Sunday to a Saturday just before the NFL season kicks off.

In addition, we're told that AEW Collision and Rampage will film on Friday, September 6 in the Chicago area.
AEW All Out has been on Labor Day weekend since its inception in 2019. The show will air on PPV from the NOW Arena in Hoffman States, IL, just outside of Chicago. Ticket info should be announced soon as well.​
You know…

I am honestly surprised at how we haven’t even touched on the subject of noncompete clauses becoming null and void…

Should make for a fun 3-5 years before these companies come up with strategic firings and contracts.
Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has learned some new details on the upcoming WWE arrival of Giulia.

On May 21st, it was announced that Giulia had suffered a fractured wrist and would be out indefinitely. Following the news breaking, Brennan reached out to NXT and WWE sources, with those we spoke with noting that WWE remain hopeful that Giulia will be healed in time for NXT Heatwave.

Brennan has further learned that after previously reporting the belief within NXT was that Giulia would be in a title match at the event, with WWE still currently targeting an NXT Women’s Title match with Roxanne Perez for the event on July 7th.However, it was stressed to Brennan that these plans are not set in stone and could change due to Giulia’s Marigold obligations and her current injury.

Speaking of Marigold, Brennan has confirmed previous reports that Giulia will remain available to use with the promotion following her starting with NXT, and has been booked for Marigold’s Summer Destiny event on July 13th. Giulia noted on May 21st that despite her injury, she still plans to compete on July 13th. Sources in Japan we spoke to said the match with Sareee was expected, and should not impact Giulia appearing with WWE before then.

Giulia is expected to lead the next class of talent to report to the WWE Performance Center, which is also expected to include names from the recent Australia tryouts.

Regarding her presentation, it has been stressed to Brennan that Giulia was signed for ‘who she is’, and that WWE will not look to fix something that isn’t broken.

Brennan has also learned more about Giulia’s backstage visits to WWE during WrestleMania weekend, with Giulia being outgoing and polite to NXT talent and higher ups alike, having a lengthy conversation with Shawn Michaels at NXT Stand And Deliver.

In asking more about Giulia’s English skills, Brennan was also told that “the language barrier” isn’t as big of an issue as prior to Triple H taking over creative of WWE, with one source pointing out IYO Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane and more speaking their native language on WWE programming. That being said, WWE remains impressed by Giulia’s commitment to learning the language.