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Official Wrestling News Thread

Naomi should've been had the belt it's bullshit that she's been around the longest and has never held it. On top of that she's a damn good wrestler and athletic as hell. That promo was borderline racist especially with how the crowd was cheering it on smh.

I still fume about that racist shit during that Booker T/Triple H angle. Black people should never go there but I understand that's the only way to get a big payday
I unno, New day ain't play that shit. they was main eventing at one point. they just never had a real rival team
i swear, i be thinking i stumbled into the wrestling thread

ya'll be going hard for like 3 pages lol

isnt there a thread for it? Do i need to create one?

and Agents of Shield is ehhhhh....i will blame most of it on my expectations of what i thought the show was going to be about.
Ayo, I'll post up in here Sunday night to comment on the royal rumble if at least 4 of y'all check in......

If not I'll prolly post at the IC, but there's no reason why we can't here
That Aj vs Ambrose match was good. Not sold on Baron Corbin yet, dude shouldn't be receiving title matches yet.

I got Bray winning the EC Chamber and at Wrestle Mania Luke cost Randy the title and gets back into the family
I know Balor getting hurt fucked the plan for the universal title

But this HHH match coulda been done at the rumble

Also, to keep it 100 they could have done a scenario where they had the same match between Rollins/Zayn with Zayn going over, Rollins loses his Royal Rumble spot, HHH or Samoa Joe comes out beats Rollins down and says if you want to be in the Rumble match you have to beat me (HHH or Joe).

In that scenario, I think it would fit best if Joe was his attacker and HHH says if you want another shot at the Royal Rumble you have to go through "The Destroyer". Seth goes over Joe but the match is done in a way that makes Joe look strong. Later that night, Rollins comes out bewteen #27-#30 in the Rumble match. When the ring is down to the last 4-6 men in the match HHH comes out of nowhere and eliminates Rollins from the match and Pedigrees him on the floor and walks away.