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Added to Calendar: 05-18-24

Haney team let the theatrics get to em... I thought it was odd when Devin was challenging Ryan to meet in the center of the ring as if he's a brawler... Once he got cracked in the 1st round, it exposed they didn't have a solid gameplan to make the right adjustments imo... He fought well in the mid-rounds even though he never fully recovered from the 1st round. Then he got cracked again in the 7th... He really was done at that point.

I still like Haney and a loss shouldn't write him off as a top fighter.. Bill gotta calm down though
Simply put he thought Ryan weak s chin and all he had to do was disrespect his jaw one good time
If Ryan had a better team who made him grow his game, work on his fundamentals, he'd be a monster. Jokes about his small repertoire aside, that left hook is vicious. Quick, accurate, AND strong.