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    Legendary Boxing Referee Mills B. Lane Dead At Age 85

    Lane was born November 12, 1937 to a prominent Georgia family. After graduating high school in 1956, he joined the Marine Corps. Lane became a boxer while enrolled in the service. After leaving the Marine Corps in 1959, Mills wanted to enroll at the University of Nevada, Reno because he heard...
  2. Inori

    HBO Unruly: Mahershala Ali to star as legendary boxer Jack Johnson (TBA)

  3. Duwop

    FEATURED Official Black Web Boxing Corner

    I'm probably going to go ham in this section once I get back to my pc. But March 4th it's the real Superbowl for all boxing fans. Keith one time Thurman Danny swift Garcia Undisputed welterweight champion of the world. Also shout out to goes to Floyd Mayweather protege Tank...