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  1. Dilemaradio

    Tyler, The Creator plots Maxo Kream collab

  2. FakeOhMars

    Top 5 Shows Of ALL TIME!!

    Whats your top 5 tv shows all time. No fucking sitcoms. Here's mine in no order Sherlock Breaking Bad Boondock (all but the last season) Game of Thrones Chappelle Show (all but the last season) Honorable Mention: Rick & Morty Luther Star Trek Next Generation
  3. Ironman

    Comic movie thread

    Eh figured why not and Logan trailer 2 just dropped it looks really good.
  4. Goldie

    Method Man Plays Husband Of Ex-Cop In New John Singleton – Directed TV Series

    Wu-Tang Clan rapper, Method Man, will star in a new BET scripted drama helmed by legendary director, John Singleton. Meth will star alongside actors Giancarlo Esposito, and Mykelti Williamson in the upcoming drama “Rebel.” According to reps for BET, “Rebel” centers around a police officer who...
  5. Duwop

    FEATURED Official Black Web Boxing Corner

    I'm probably going to go ham in this section once I get back to my pc. But March 4th it's the real Superbowl for all boxing fans. Keith one time Thurman Danny swift Garcia Undisputed welterweight champion of the world. Also shout out to goes to Floyd Mayweather protege Tank...
  6. Chi-Town B

    Black Ink Crew

    New season starts tonight. I despise Love and Hip Hop and all those other VH1 reality shows but I'll watch this very week and it's basically the same damn type of show
  7. AP2.5

    Movie Night (Official Movie Discussion Thread)

    seen something lately? wanna recommend something? excited about something about to come out? lets talk about it
  8. AP2.5

    The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread

    All-Star break is almost here. Teams are pretty much showing what they are going to be like for the rest of the year. Discuss
  9. Goldie

    The Makers of ‘Tales From The Hood’ Reunited For ‘Tales From The Crib’!

    Having just revisited New Line CInema’s 1995 Tales From the Hood, I couldn’t believe how socially relevant it was. In fact, 20 years later the movie may be even more prevalent now than when it was released. This must-see anthology stars Clarence Williams III as a funeral director tells four...
  10. Goldie

    Which Show Had A Better Season 1? Atlanta vs Insecure

  11. Goldie

    The Official NFL Thread

    This weekend we got Pats vs Steelers and Packers VS Falcons, who yall got?