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He would never be able to generate the same level of exposure as he could on Amazon Prime. It's incredibly cost and labour intensive to make television. Teaming up with a global behemoth that already has infrastructure in place is very smart.

I'm sure someone said the exact same thing about Showtime when they first started.
Demetrius Andre was a boxer that I really liked man, and it bothers me to see that with one loss? People are already saying that he’s a nobody. As if plenty of boxers did not avoid him. I get that he did a lot of things he shouldn’t, but Billy Joe Saunders, Triple G, as well as Canelo Álvarez went out their way to avoid him. Dude lost to a weight bully and now he’s a fraud?

They’re probably doing because PBC doesn’t have a deal yet.. And they don’t think he has options.. Also Ry does a ton of pump fakin.. one week he hates Coke Boy & won’t ever fight for them again.. Then the next week everything is cool gain.. So they feel like they can mess w/ him…