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Added to Calendar: 05-18-24

Who Wins Tonight?

  • Tank Davis

  • Frank Martin

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I made bank on Cameron beating Taylor in the first fight as she was the betting underdog... So naturally thought theres no way Taylor could beat her second time and put £210 on Cameron thinking it was free money... Even put £10 of it on KO @ 9/1 as thought Katie was shot...


Even with my Cameron tinted glasses on, I thought Katie won... Not sure how she managed to improve so much after being on the decline for years but somehow she was so much sharper and got the first and last say so when they traded... She was dirty though, using her head like prime Hopkins...

Had it been 12 rounds or 3min round I reckon Cameron would had stopped her as Katie looked exhausted but fair play to her for pulling off that unexpected performance...

Cameron got too emotional and believed the hype that everyone thought she could walk through Katie, she should had targeted Taylor's bodies but she just smothered her work and looked crude...

It was a great fight though...
Canelo will find someone else to fight
I hope not. For all the criticism Canelo faces he is one of the few high profile fighters who will fight the tough challenges. Plus it's Mexican v Mexican for all the marbles so if it's a money conversation there's nobody who's going to generate more for him
Yeah, Andrade took the L on this one.

I don't know if we gonna get that Canelo vs Benavidez fight because Canelo said he don't wanna fight another Mexican. Mike Tyson called this win and said Benavidez would make him proud and he did. So don't be surprised if he ends up on Tyson's podcast. That's what that fellowship was about w/ them at the end of the fight. I felt sorry for Andrade watching this fight and now, Idk what's next for him. Before the fight, I thought that he would at least make it to the 12th, but Benavidez would get the decision. Idk how he gonna bounce back from this loss.

Benavidez is known as the monster for a reason.