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“Shares in the company have plummeted nearly 30% since Final Fantasy 16 came out on June 22, closing on September 13 at their lowest point since May last year.

The PlayStation 5 exclusive sold three million copies during launch week, a figure that sparked a debate online about whether it had met Square Enix’s sales targets. Square Enix told IGN in July sales of Final Fantasy 16 were “extremely strong”, and insisted the game had sold well relative to the PS5 install base.

IGN sources familiar with the performance of Final Fantasy 16 confirmed sales had slowed considerably since launch but that the game was not yet considered a disaster. Earlier in September, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 16 is set for two paid DLC expansions, and confirmed a PC port was officially in development.“
The makers of game creation software Unity have announced a new pricing structure. They're calling it the "Unity Runtime Fee", and it means qualifying developers who use Unity will be charged an extra fee for each player that installs their game.

In response to widespread criticism of the changes from game developers, Unity have since posted a further statement, saying, "Yes, this is a price increase and it will only affect a small subset of current Unity Editor users."

Developers will only be charged the fee if their game has crossed certain thresholds. For example, developers using Unity Personal or Plus editions will be charged a fee per-game install if their game has generated $200,000 USD in revenue in the past 12 months and has been installed 200,000 times across its lifetime. Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise users, meanwhile, will be charged per-install for games that have generated $1m USD in the past 12 months and which have 1 million lifetime installs.

The amount charged per-install also varies depending on the version of Unity used, and installs will only start being tracked from January 1st, 2024 onwards.

For example, if you used Unity Plus, your game generated $200,000 in 2023, and then it sells its 200,001st copy on January 1st, that player installing the game will cost you $0.20 USD. Each subsequent install by a new player will cost another $0.20.

Since the announcement earlier today, several developers have been expressing concern on X (formerly Twitter), with criticism focused on how install numbers are being tracked, and with the "rug-pull" nature of the change. It's an adjustment to the payment model that will impact developers who decided to build their game on Unity years ago, who are now more worried about further future changes or price hikes.

Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios, developer of the Unity game Rust, posted that the pricing plan would have cost them an extra $410,000 USD had it existed since the game's release. "About $40k a year. Last month it would have cost us $2,517," wrote Newman.

That's a lot of extra money for even a successful developer to suddenly need to budget for in 2024.

"Today, a large majority of Unity Editor users are currently not paying anything and will not be affected by this change. The Unity Runtime fee will not impact the majority of our developers," Unity wrote in a statement in repsonse to the criticism.

Two days later:

They’re still coming out with games on PS4? Why?

I’m kind of tired of remakes/remasters. Create something new already

Avatar is kind of interesting

Spider-Man still looks awesome

Overall kind of meh though

I liked the tales of arise announcement, they told people no dlc and this came out of nowhere 2.5 years later

FZero was dope. I'd dust off the Switch for this one.

I'd be interested in that battle royale. Far as some of these other games/studios losing money, well I see why. I wasn't interested in that Final Fantasy at all. I looked at a few vids on youtube, but wasn't any good. And neither was that Wild Hearts and Immortals of Aveum. Some of them games is just trash and still ain't touching them oldies but goodies.
I don't understand how people are still fucking with ea products outside of fifa. They've been on bullshit for over a decade now.
I was thinking of checking this game out as alot of stuff came out earlier this year that was forgotten and I still might

But yeah EA is EA
I don't understand how people are still fucking with ea products outside of fifa. They've been on bullshit for over a decade now.

those two star wars joints are the only EA games I fucked with in a decades far as i know