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  1. Eyerone

    OUT NOW Rumbleverse

    it’s free and it’s fun as fuck. I believe it’s cross play as well
  2. MoeW


  3. MoeW

    OUT NOW Skull and Bones

  4. MoeW

    OUT NOW NBA 2K23

  5. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION Marvel’s Wolverine (TBA)

  6. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION PlayStation Showcase 2021

  7. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

  8. MoeW

    OUT NOW NBA 2K22

  9. MoeW

    OUT NOW Saints Row

    https://kotaku.com/your-first-look-at-the-new-saints-row-in-action-1847556978 Your First Look At The New Saints Row In Action The long-teased forthcoming Saints Row game isn’t a remake. It isn’t a remaster. It’s a totally different “re”—a re...boot. Developer Volition announced the news today...
  10. MoeW

    OUT NOW Call of Duty: Vanguard

  11. Lou Cypher

    OUT NOW Biomutant

    Ive been looking for a new game to get into for forever but havent buckled down and gotten anything due to PS5's being damn near impossible to get unless you pay a scalper. Saw the trailer for this recently and found out its a PS4 game and it drops this month! Looks pretty dope and a nice little...
  12. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION Returnal

  13. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION God of War Ragnarök

  14. MoeW

    OUT NOW Watch Dogs: Legion

  15. Chi-Town B

    PLAYSTATION Ghost of Tsushima

    No thread on this, no one checking for it
  16. MoeW

    PLAYSTATION Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

  17. Sony Montana

    OUT NOW Guilty Gear Strive

    Wow this game looks Beautiful Says it’ll come in late 2020 though
  18. Shotta

    Breaking News Name Change Now Available on PlayStation Network

    If you’re not happy with your PSN name, Sony is letting PlayStation users change it as of yesterday for free. After you change it for free the next name change will cost 9.99, so make sure you think it about your next monker before jumping the gun. Anyone will be able to do it either on their...
  19. MoeW

    OUT NOW Assassin's Creed Odyssey

  20. MoeW

    OUT NOW Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Available September 14.