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Fragrance thread

Been using these two parfums lately...

They last forever on your skin and clothes, I can still smell them on my skin after a shower!!!


I ordered a sample set from them both first, to decide which two to go for... Defo worth the money as a couple squirts goes a long way...


They have an interesting backstory with JFK too...

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Best 2023 purchase: Turath by Spirit of Dubai

Biggest compliment getter: Haltane by PDM

2024: Gonna keep experimenting with middle eastern and oriental fragrances.

One of my boys is a strict muslim so cant have any alcohol based stuff, so his family send over some nice oil based fragrances from the middle east... They make it themselves with a perfumer and just comes in clear bottles with a handmade label...
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I guess im thinking bout the ones who walking the streets away from their home. But damn, they still out with tights? Guess you gotta market your body some ways and you cant do that in bubble coats and pants
I gave my decant to my son. He works as a bartender part time and he told me all the older ladies were on him last night.
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Im getting that itch for a new fragrance. Im thinking bout getting "golden wood" by the harmonist. They gave me a sample when I purchased their hypnotic fire last year. I come to like it. But I have a few scents I want to smell this weekend before deciding
I was looking at old IC threads because of the passing of Kai and was reading the fragrance thread there...it's funny how much nautica, Calvin Klein, Polo, and celebrity fragrances were posted there compared to now. @Water Ur Seeds was always onto the Creed though.