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Fragrance thread

Bleu De Chanel was cool to me the first few times, then something turned with my nose and I can’t stand it

Same thing happened with Prada Carbon Luna Rossa

Y’all ever go from loving to hating a fragrance out of nowhere?
I've been doing layering combos lately to use up some of my samples/travel/decants. Today I layered a sample of BR540 extrait and YSL black opium le parfum....

I had some Macy's rewards and coupons to use, so I got these sets for a steal. I usually get my son a cologne or two for Christmas. He requested that I get something for work and this Coach green fit the bill imo. Wild Rose definitely is Coach's attempt to ride the PDM Delina wave, but I'm not mad at it....
In Vegas for the week and stoped by the Creed Boutique and copped this new release.

I know the original was released 10 years ago but it has a few different notes than this version, so I don't think this is a re-release of the fragrance, but more of a reimagining. I haven't smelled the original to see how close they are to one another.

What y'all smelling like this NYE?

What was your best and worst purchase this year?

Best compliment getter of 2023?

Wishlist for 2024?
I'm in the house with a cold this year so my scent tonight is Tom Ford soleil neige.

Best purchase was Orientica velvet gold. Worst was Kayali yum(ended up giving it to my God daughter).

Biggest compliment getter is still Love don't be shy by far.

Next on my to buy list is Bond no9 Nolita and I still want Creed Carmina.