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DJ Envioussss attempts to distance himself from scamming real estate partner

Not sure people understand wire fraud, contracts and what can be lost.

Can’t just walk away with people money.

All the wealthy ppl I know don’t charge you for them to teach you what they did to get rich
This isnt entirely true. I know sometimes successful CEO's get paid to do speaking engagements n shit. But the key word is 'sometimes'. They arnt going on tour marketing and promoting it as a full time job like its their only source of income. Those are the ones you can usually tell are scamming. They get rich through pretending to help people get rich, not through actual business.

And Tony the closer been online marketing himself as some guru for years. Him and that other wave of guys always on yt or social media showing off flashy shit telling people they can teach them how to live like this. Guess it hasnt been smooth sailing and his new hustle fo views is to shit on the ops
Is it his white side or his black side that did the scammin? “DJ Enviousssssssss”!?!
This is also why I say, everybody don’t need to be shown shit.

Niggas abuse it and tell everybody to seem smart. And people follow suit just to shit in the govt.

Niggas need to earn a right to learn and see certain shit.

Can’t fuck up the economy.