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2023/2024 Football/Soccer Thread ⚽️

How much games I gotta watch these muhfuckas make 2 passes then lose the ball?!? Wtf do they do in training..

Can't keep the ball for shit.
Every team does this to us
I ain’t gonna hold you I miss Weghorst

Bro couldn’t finish for shit but the enthusiasm with which he flew around the pitch pressing every thing was great and he covered a lot for Rashford s laziness

Man United never left the bus! 🤣
Honest opinion what do you think Ten Hag game plan was coming into the game?

In other words, was this what he was expecting and therefore 0-0 is going to plan? If this was Hodgson I know this would be! 😆
I think at this point it mostly comes down to players and their effort in the everlasting o words of Mike Ditka

“ I’m not the one out there missing tackles”