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  1. StringerBell

    5 killed, 6 injured so far in a mass shooting in Orange County biker bar.

  2. StringerBell

    Breaking News 3 dead, 8 injured in mass shooting at ComoFest in Fort Worth

  3. Swiffness!

    Homemade electronic shotgun used to assassinate former Japan PM Shinzo Abe

    Okay I saw it brought up in World Politics and this ain't exactly a Japanese news forum but this deserves its own thread cuz GOT DAYUM THIS SOME CRAZY CYBERPUNK SHIT RITE HERE: The Weapon: And they recovered THIS one from the dude's house: what the fuck is that? I assumed it would...
  4. StringerBell

    Black Militants protesting in Stone Mountain, GA

  5. StringerBell

    Breaking News India versus China (Border dispute leads to tensions)

  6. StringerBell

    Jonathan Martin Cuts Deal In Gun & Knife Threats Case

  7. StringerBell

    Police raid Bel-Air mansion find a massive cache of 1,000 guns

  8. StringerBell

    Birmingham teen gets into a shootout on Facebook Live

  9. StringerBell

    Brazil's Drug Gangs Are Prepared To Go To War W/ Brazil’s New Fascist Pres. Bolsonaro

  10. GOAT

    Poll Who got the strap?... Official Gun Owners Thread

    :foh6: I been thinkin about gettin a pistol for a while to protect mi casa. But having lil kids kinda makes me worry. I know when i was a kid whenever i was alone i would snoop around the crib just looking at all the shit i couldnt look at when my parents were home. Are any of u guys gun...
  11. Judge Dread

    Sebastian Telfair ready for war

    Christian Petersen/Getty Images Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair was caught riding around in a vehicle with a damn arsenal in the car and, oh, marijuana, authorities say. The 32-year-old New York street ball legend was charged with multiple infractions after a Brooklyn, N.Y., traffic stop...