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COMMUNITY You, Me, Him, & Her Podcast: S1:E3.5: Say Less

I get the transparency BUT if you tell poster A i did this because of this. There's no reason to keep addressing the situation at that point everything is clear.
I agree but that can be said about any topic

Sometimes we drag shit out......we human
Good point about this being the perfect time to expand the site... and in order to do so we just gotta clean up the crib a lil bit. lol cant invite company over to a messy crib so it's dope that the conversation is being had and folks overall are looking to do better goin forward.

"Tell that nigga change his name"


@Chicity word? lol that's how you feel ma nigga?

havent i been talking about expanding the site for years?

im still 2stepz ahead.....but what can i say.