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COMMUNITY YMHHer: S1:Let's Get To The Bag 1: Puddin' , 2001, Price is Right, and Morning Stretches.

@AP21 is obviously sick of these mega niggas based offa that rant lmao

"Keep it smut" - AP

I cant tell who was doin the DMX adlibs in the background for everybody but that shit had me rollin ? ?
lol Iono yall... let the New Post tab tell it them niggas be at it all day... pause
Wait until after 12 though

People like infamous just be updating threads in the daytime but when the megas ready to login, aww man
I started getting complaints, those mfs don't play about their smut.
The trip part about it is, they act like the shit was removed from the site. The shortcut to access it was. All they had to do was just manually go to the forum not nah "WhEre iS tHe CAndY ShOp fROm nEw PostS?"
My memory is shit or my idea of wild ain't on par with other ppls.

Du wrecking a home is crazy