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What Are You Cooking for Dinner Tonight??

Damn.. ground turkey AND sausage? Seems like alot. Im looking through a buncha different recipes and gonna pick and choose what to try different
Yea it is use to be beef,andouile sausage with bellpeppers ,onion,seasoning, Rotel, stewed tomatoes and some other stuff. That with some crackers and grill cheese boy boy boy. I would take my mom and uncle some
Ik yall be seeing this man and his momma on social media with these monstrosities and violent offenses against our community.

All those oxtail for under 20 bucks is a steal. And yea I watched a couple of those videos and I know they can't be eating that non seasoned ass food like that for real. Now I just scroll past em
I still aint perfect mac n cheese yet yall 😭

I mean its good but it aint where nanas used to be. I shoulda paid better attention damnit