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What Are Songs You Wish Would Be Released?

A real Wale and Drake record...Or a Drake and Wiz record...Or a Wiz and Cudi record...These things shoulda been happened...
Nas had some other jay z diss after ether I heard some shitty copy of it being played in the club I never heard it since
dont think I ever heard that full J Elec - Exhibit B joint with Mos Def without the dj drops n shit

I said this one before but the Nas x Timbo tune @ 10.31 in the video below, remember we got this snippet back in 2015 and was SUPER hyped, real grimy Nas, boom, bap tune...

Then disappointingly Nas used the verse on a Swizz's 'Echo' so guess we will never get to hear the full Nas x Timbo track now smh

Cant believe Nas wasted that verse on this weak tune...

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