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What Are Songs You Wish Would Be Released?


Kobe With The Pivot
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The first one of my list would be Biggie's official Pac diss. The 2nd would be the original version of Ether produced by Swizz.

What are other songs you wish would leak?
A Roc-a-fella x state p funkflex invasion again.

But a nostalgia beans x jay track would be dope

That it’s on again cd is still fire!
In the movie Wildstyle, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 did a performance but it wasn't recorded properly so they didn't use it. It was recorded in the fall of 1981, the director, Charlie Ahaern shot another concert in the spring of 1982 with different artists.

I wish we could see the original footage.
this aint what I thought it was lol

how ya'll know about so many unreleased songs.....if they're unreleased?

anyway I wish the Underground Mafia happened

wish Mac and Brad happened

I wish Nip sent that verse to Krit for "Believe"

I wanted Black Hippy one mo'gin

thats all i got right now