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HBO Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV


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#QuietOnSet pulls back the curtain on an empire, built by creator Dan Schneider, that had an undeniable grip on popular culture. Series such as All That and The Amanda Show, among others, were obsessively consumed by children across the country and defined comedy for a generation. But behind the upbeat onscreen presence on these shows with questionable jokes and over-the-top sketches, QUIET ON SET reveals an insidious environment rife with allegations of abuse, sexism, racism, and inappropriate dynamics with its underage stars and crew.

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So the one black boy on All That they had selling girl scout cookies like he's a crack dealer. Then had him be the youngest rapper ever as a fetus but then he had to appear naked and put him in a leotard but said the leotard had to be charcoal to match his skin, then had little bro covered in peanut butter and had dogs lick it off him. For a sketch on a kids show. What in the entire fuck?!?
I can't understand how people wrote letters of support for a pedophile, I don't believe they didn't know what he was convicted of doing either.
They had to have known. Didn't one actress say that he mustve been enticed and he had no choice but to give in? Who says that? Shocked at some of the names in support.