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FEATURED Nas & DJ Premier - Define My Name

You hate hip-hop….I’m not bout to dignify an “I’m high”/“autocorrect” defense to you asshole 🤣🤣

I’m even gonna leave it for Koncept to come wit’ that “F” meme just to show you how unbothered I am about lol
Can’t hate on what’s dead lol

Your god Nas already said this

You should be onboard
Thank God!!! Niggas had to endure 3 weeks and 50 songs of pure ass from bum Future but we came out on the other side with a potential new album from one of the GOATs


If it is an album I expect it to stick longer wit me…pause no homillz…than his joints wit’ Hit

No shade I just find myself goin’ back to listen to them less and less after time 🤷🏽‍♂️
i know this is blasphemous, especially on these here boards…but i wasn’t feeling any of those nas and hit albums, outside of a few songs

but a nas and dj premier album is something worth getting hype for…

too bad it’ll never happen
Wayne damn near a 30 year veteran and can’t release an album when he wants. Stop it.