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it feels like what IP been sayin with hungry prosecutor looking to reel in a big fish by any means
I mean I get that but if hes pressing charges and the police feel like theres enough evidence to arrest.. how can the da NOT prosecute? tf?

Im assuming he can still go the civil route is he chose to?

I really really hope his legal team didn't take the Tory Lanez "try this case on social media" route and they didn't actually fake statements. Also hope he wasn't dumb enough to be abusive to someone who literally works for the company that employs him. To make it as far as he did in his career and do something that dumb just don't add up to a person being as smart as he seemed to be with how he moved
Still today, Judge Gaffrey said the jury will learn about Jabbari’s arrest last month. “This is a situation where I think it is information that should be put before a jury,” he told the assembled lawyers, media and Majors today. “The jury should hear about it.” At the same time, Jabbari will be allowed to testify, as the prosecutors have asserted, that “she knew nothing about this warrant for arrest,” and that “she came and surrendered immediately,” when she found out she was wanted.

lmao geeeeet the FUCK outa here!