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Happy 50th Birthday Hip Hop!!!

Delete this if there is but cant see a thread on here so lets go!!!

Anything hip hop related...

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As a Canadian kid (from Jamaican parents) growing up in the 80's my father had a VHS tape and the first Hip Hop video I saw was this:

Been in love with it ever since.

My first introduction to hip hip as kid was being hypnotised by this when it first came out in 1993 and was a fiend since...

It was alot harder to get put on in UK back then as a kid, no internet etc..

bein a late 80s baby, comin up in the 90s seein this shit take over the world & still have a stranglehold til this day is sumn

yea, got its "good" & "bad"

ups & downs

but we live by this & die by it
facts bro

I was born in 85

All I know is hip hop

the first real music I remember is Michael Jackson and The Chronic lol