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COMING SOON Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)

I wonder how this Grand Theft Auto going turn out without Dan Houser and Leslie Benzies .
Lazlow jumped ship also. He was in charge of the radio programming and music. They should be fine. GTA on line has done well since ensues left and GTA o line was his baby. Steve houser is still there a d like his brother he's a big 8Os poop culture a d movies buff a d like story driven stuff. They made red dead 2 without benzies hey should be fine. As for music though I'm no sure dan houser was in radio orramming before he did games and without him and lazlow there I hope rockstar can hold it down music wise. I hope story mode gets a lot of love this time. Rockstar is not doing dlcs anymore but I hope at leaststory mode will be huge this time and filled with detail and quality of life in gameplay like red dead 2
I knew it was going to be a Bonnie and Clyde thing. I wonder if you can switch characters or you'll just okay as her.
I read like a month ago there will be 2 characters to switch through and they're brother and sister. One thats a cop and the other in the streets.

Dont know how true that is but we'll see