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King gonna get some get back.

fucking lizard won cuz king was medicated

I rewatched that shyt. Zilla gave King the head nod of acknowledgement b/c King didn't back down. Even when Zilla got in his face.
The humans had to give Kong a boost, the other monsters would never accept that. Your guy was on life support

Yeah and humans had to create a nuclear bomb to boost YOUR cardio deficient homeboy. Along wit providing an air armada to help him fight Ghidorah.

And lets not talk about how he did against Mecha Godzilla. Geezus crust. What are we doing here bruh? Lol.
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It's actually not confirmed that the title is GVK. They are just going to both be in the film but their beef is over at this point. The real enemy is either if aliens finally make their debut and bring another monster OR humans create something they shouldn't. Time for Desetroyah.