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Lmao if everyone moved like Lux there wouldn’t be a battle rap industry for y’all to be in here discussing

Bro hasn’t battled in 2 years I see why some of y’all was waiting by the window for pops to return from the store w the milk lol
First off, my father is still gonna come back from the store and 2nd of all Lux needed a break after geechi curb stomped him.

He gone knock the next nigga out though.

They gone get that work.
The thing is if you a battle rapper…. Battle if not get out the way

The fact that niggas taking the word of a nigga who ain’t battle in 2 years then lost the last battle he had seriously let’s me know all I need to know bout u bozos and the culture
They got apps fa dat,but if real this is nasty nasty work.

I wonder how Mike P got access to this though?

Did she fall out with the alleged ghost writer?
Shit I know it’s a group of ppl get ghosties and it’s like an unwritten secret type like ppl know who what when and where

But just don’t be saying …. The QP be talking bout a lot of battle rappers especially females got ghosties