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GameStop I bought 40 shares with cost average $26.84 (May 30, 2023) in 2 weeks it’ll be long term capital gains, if GME dips under my cost average I’ll buy some more , I have a $1,000 just chilling waiting for that opportunity.

While that’s going on , I bought 16,285 shares of GNS with cost average of $ 0.28 a couple of months ago. Looking at the graph of GNS it had an all time high of $ 9.68 . With short sellers bleeding money from GameStop and AMC, hopefully it’ll have a domino effect to push other stocks that are shorted to newer heights . And GNS has an earnings report 8:30 am today (May 16th, 2024)

Now I’ll just wait and see if any other plays to get into

My God, I am up buy a lot. I usually get out early, but that FFIE greed has gotten hold of me, lmao.

Bruh WHAT??

Can someone explain in a sentence or two what's going on w this stock and is it just some meme stock shit?

Also bruh let me just throw this out there I was up like 700% on AMC and held, held, held til I was down 90 some%

I made good money on other shit so it's nothing more than a lil sore spot but do with that info what u will