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  1. NeighborhoodNomad

    Random Thots & Relationships

    This is a place to share some of your random relationship thoughts/thots, questions, concerns, and perspectives about any and everything dealing with relationships and sex.
  2. Loquacious

    Should a man EVER...

  3. Judge Dread

    OPINION - Do men share some of the blame for women who get cosmetic surgeries?

    Do we as black men share the blame for our women wanting to look like that ?
  4. Knock_Twice

    How long should you stay while your s/o is unemployed??

    5.) Issa was out of line, you're supposed to hold down your dude if he's going through a rough time. 4.) Lawrence still supposed to make Issa feel every kiss he gives her and still treat her like a gf. 3.) Ppl have their own agendas to justify their actions. 2.) Molly sexy than a...
  5. Goldie

    Women Who Refuse To Take The Man's Last Name After Marriage

    How do you feel on the subject? @the men Would you find it disrespectful for her to not take ur last name? @the women Do you find it disrespectful that tradition tells u to change ur name to ur husbands?
  6. Golden

    Body Goals - Men and Women

    This thread is intended to motivate, not thirst trap. Post your goal body. The desired outcome of your workouts. If your goal body is your own body in fitter days, or you've already reached your fitness goals and now possess your goal body, feel free to post that! :) Inspire us! Here's my goal...