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COMMUNITY YMHHer Podcast: S1:E15: What did Roscoe Jenkins say?

Judy Winslow

Oh yea sure. I can do that. What day again ?
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In this edition of the You, Me, Him and Her Podcast the team discusses some really tough subjects like the importance of family... Finding our life's purpose... New things were proud of in life.. And a quick movie hot take that turned into one of our more busy threads over the weekend.... Be sure to tune and and let us know how we're doing!!
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Yeah we were having too much fun at the end of this, lol
Roscoe Jenkins was funny. Yall hating. I'm with Chi
Hate implies some previous generated feelings....

I was genuinely shocked that movie was brought up
Guaranteed if I met any of yall's mamas, they would love me. If you got a sister, she would definitely hate me and then like me later.