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FEATURED Who You Got: Drake, Cole or Kendrick?


Did J.Cole Make The Right Decision?

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  • Yes, but his stock still dropped

  • No, he ducked the smoke

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I wanted to spin the block and say that I'm disgusted that niggas is on a hip hop forum 18 days after the peak of the biggest on wax hip hop battle ever--or at least since Jay & Nas--talking about, "close the thread" and "y'all still talking about this." I don't know if it's the short attention spans or folks salty at the outcome but one thing that's for certain is AHH ain't die and have it's spirit resurrected by @Goldie in the form of ABW for this malarky.

With all due respect, the conversation veered from raps to speculation on whether or not dudes were fuckin dogs.

It got weird
You know how it goes.

Shit ton of smoke coming from over there…

10 years from now “whaaaaaat I never saw the signs!”
I know that when you are young you want older people and when you are old you want young people, but there are limits

But as you say with all drugs you don't know what is right and wrong