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FEATURED Who You Got: Drake, Cole or Kendrick?


Did J.Cole Make The Right Decision?

  • Yes

  • Yes, but his stock still dropped

  • No, he ducked the smoke

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I wanna lean towards Cole if it's a drawn out battle (3-5 responses a pc)

If ends before 3 responses or fizzle out, I'm sure it'll be because Kendrick got the KO

Drake will sub his away around the issue on an intro or 239am In Compton type shit

As it stands now Kendrick got a 10, Drake got a 9, Cole got a 9
It's a toss up but I think I want Cole to win. Maybe get a couple # 1 records out of it. Maybe even a lil summer bop. J Cole on the new season of Abbott Elementary

However it's gonna be Kendrick. His fan base to rabid and his commercial appeal gonna have ppl that shouldn't have a vote voting which will sway ppls perception. And his pen just better. Not by much, but enough
& I say Cole wins cus Kendrick probably not gonna feel like going to the studio for a while. He got people talking again so now he can do his best homer simpson back into the bushes until next year
Drake won't directly respond...

Does J Cole even have too?...

Most of the shots seem directed at Drake...

I'm all for it but I don't see a battle playing out...

Hopefully ego's takeover and we do...
Kendrick pulled this bullshit before and went and hid when shit got hot, what makes you think he's going to respond if they do?

Did it really tho? I don’t remember anything scathing after that shit. Kendrick can only do so much & honestly Drake and Cole really don’t have to do shit. We might have to face facts that they are content with the status quo (Kendrick included). It’s OK, but that’s all it’s gonna be is ok. Which makes this era of hip hop all the more lame.
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The escalation of the beef I think will favor Cole in the long run. It was a dope diss from K Dot but it’s also been almost 5 months since ‘First Person Shooter’ came out and even with FPS there were light,at best, digs at K Dot. Most people didn’t see it as a diss, you’d have to dig deep to see anything.

3 years ago, I would’ve easily said K Dot would win, but Cole has been on some otherworldly shit the past couple of years. Also, K Dot said on his control verse that he wanted to body rappers until nobody heard of them. The issue is that I haven’t seen that competitive edge from him when it comes to J. Cole. Maybe some light sneak disses at best. He’s recently been on a couple of tracks with J. Cole where he only does the hook.

If you’re the best, drop a verse at least. Body Cole on his own track. I don’t even think he’d have an issue with it. But Cole has been relentless with every track that’s he’s been on. There were rumors about K Dot having writers block as the reason, which might be why Cole dropped the line about being effortless in the booth in ‘Johnny P’s Caddy.’
I could be reaching but, Cole seems to be a bit more brazen about naming himself the best (even bodying Drake on FPS) because he’s been perfecting his craft and wants that #1 spot and knows that K Dot had a lot of things fall in place for him to be in that #1 spot.

If supposedly true, Cole was the one that introduced K Dot to Dr. Dre and set up everything, Then K Dot’s success was given to him by people like Cole and Drake putting him on and giving him that exposure. Now I don’t want to take away from the hype that Kendrick had as an underground artist, but without those connections at the right time we don’t get classics like GKMC and TPAB. It doesn’t take away from him, but most people in the industry seemed to be rooting for him.
All Drake gotta do is drop 3 to 5 loosies (probably packaged as an EP) with 2 of them being super commercialized and one catered to the streets/uber scene and it's a wrap.

Cole will be respected in the hip-hop space, Kendrick will do his thing, but Drake will dominate the charts, parties, etc. You won't be able to escape him.

While Drake cares about being respected as a lyricist/emcee amongst his peers and shit, his main focus is dominating in many if not all areas. Perception is everything. The 'rap throne' isn't the end-all, be-all.