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Usher Will Be Performing At Superbowl Halftime

Taylor Swift brings in a new and large demo of viewers the NFL wants to use to get advertising dollars.

And even if Taylor Swift just does it for a spell it could easily catch on and become an ongoing exchange between celebs/nfl/advertisers.

Regardless of whether she's genuine or not there's money for everyone to make.

im sure theres ways the nfl could do it without looking like a thirsty bitch tho
We talking about the shit on abw. It already worked lmao. They don’t care as long as mfs talking and watching.

Fair enough.

im out! We should all just ignore anything related to her ass as much as we can going forward. Hold the line! 😒🤐🤣
Taylor will stop once the movie comes out, this is just marketing. Especially since talk shows and the like had been off the air due to the strike.
It’s a “black”forum we can’t have shit without you mfs trying to involve yourselves nigga was in here cosplaying
Crazy cuz he cool or whatever but you see what time he's on when a nigga pops up in a skirt. Also you see how niggas start acting out and pandering to him simply cuz he's white. Same behavior happened on the old forum.

But i digress.... superbowl, usher, taylor swift