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Just rest the key players until then

They definitely don’t need to play on Sunday
Agreed but i reckon Ten Hag will try and keep momentum going, but these man are dead on their feet. Bruno has played more games than anyone in Europe. Problem is we have zero squad depth
lol theres no FPL gameweek till Saturday tho
1 trophy
Top 4

Needs the second trophy …. Gonna go ahead and put some bread down….
Don't do it.
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Whats shocking is that....the glimpses of hope are so ever present...the quicker a manager gets in and establishes how we play, in addition to Nkunku and whoever else...theres absolutely something there.
I agree.
They had some spells where they were moving the ball well.
Hope potch disregards that

lmaooo look at these hoes, man. Like the kid can just flat out refuse to not return from loan, while under contract for 2 more seasons. You Brits really are vaginal
I don’t know why we hung on to Lampard for as long as we did

Lamps is a vibes manager same as Ole.
No tactical nous, in game management or philosophy of play.

When he first managed Chelsea, he did well with the youngsters because he had to...the ban forced his hand, and also gave him time due to a lowered expectation from fans etc. Plus it can't be that hard to cultivate those young players when Chelsea have arguably the best academy in England. Tammy, tomori, guehi, mount, James, gilmour etc.

As soon as ban got lifted, Chelsea went vicious and bought Havertz, Werner, ziyech, thiago silva, Chilwell...suddenly expectations resumed normal levels, he couldn't hack it, in comes tuchel and rest is history

What a beautiful stat @Blue_London

If Chelsea lose to Newcastle & West Ham beat Leicester - Chelsea will finish as the lowest London club in the Premier League. 1987-88 last time Chelsea were lowest ranked London top-flight team.... relegated in play-offs... followed by riot at Stamford Bridge.
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