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Discuss Nas albums, legacy, features, songs, his busniss and more. You think he will make more albums?

What if this was on Stillmatic.

Came from the streets we the voice of the youth
America's nightmare was given a mic booth
Nike boots, leathers and jean, jewelry, cribs and cars
Rappers not dependin' on your nine to five jobs
Entertainment, this is our world, this is our language
Different regions speakin' east and west gang shyt
You got your positive shyt like, Common Sense
But even he had drama with the Don Mega Cube
Acknowledge the words get twisted at times it's rules
What you think is different from the block whenever we feud
fukk your pictures and your plaques, your tours and autographs
Don't trust bytches and nikkas who tell you your all of that
'Cause, they'll be in your enemies face, sayin' it's safe
To run in your release party sprayin' the place
Or catch you when you least on point, puttin' your keys in the door
Behind you with your seeds in KB Toys store
Maybe the words get disrespectful now your nikkas check you
"You 'gon let that nikka play you, you know we 'gon rep you"
Next mornin' every news channel and front page
Headlines another rapper was slayed, this is Star Wars
Not gonna lie.
NaS is my favorite Emcee of all time.
KiLLah Priest is my 2nd favorite Emcee.

I like them because i come from the same school of philosophical thought they incorporate into their rhymes.
For me Nas was floating around top 3 until that KD and Magic run. Then he was cemented as the undisputed GOAT.

I'm sure he'll be back even if it's not with Hit Boy. Seems like the key all along was for him to have 1 solid producer for his albums.
I'm hooked on the I Am double disc leaks
Nipsey Hussle Was Working On Documentary About Nas' 'I Am...' Album. Before Nipsey Hussle was killed in 2019, the late rapper was devising a way to examine Nas' I Am… album. In an interview with NME, Nas revealed he'd given his blessing to Nipsey to make a documentary about the 1999 LP

Which one of yall cut hair? I know this is one of yall niggas

Nas gotta stop bullshitting and release the song featuring Keyshia Cole!

“More than I can say”

Keep having the same dream
About a mic, a gun, a cross
They all in the middle of flames
An hourglass of salt
dripping down to it's last grain
Hear a voice that asks what do I claim?
I ask what it means. It's sort of a trance
As the planet Earth appears
in the palm of my hands
I could do what I wish with it, and waking up
To study my dreambook, see if it links up
Looking for some significance
Like does the dream represent
this cold world I'm living in?
Ask my man, then his laughter begun
He had the same dream,
but in his, he grabbed the gun
Damn son! I told him in mine I took the mic
The cross, I had it all my life, the same height
I'm trying to sneak sleep,
so that my mind won't find out
Time out: my body won't wind down!
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Nas has been my most respected emcee since 1999.

I’m glad to seen him perform three times:

1) With Damian Marley @ the Showboat (old school Jersey casino) right before Distant Relatives came out

2) With the Wu in Jersey at the Prudential Center when they was on tour back in 2022. Even Meth and Red showed up to that show.

3) His “One Night Only” show at MSG last year.

GOAT Emcee.
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Not sure if Nas and Malcolm X ancestors are related but they were definitely at the same slave plantation in Richmond North Carolina…