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COMMUNITY The Joe Budden Podcast

Too much irony in this episode. Joe gotta learn when and when not to give niggas grace.

You can't say shit like "I've heard enough about Sean Kingston over the years to think that whatever they're saying is true"

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No self awareness lmaaooo. This is why he has weeks like the one he's having now.


Joe definitely be setting himself up for failure when he goes in on some topics

…….and I thought he was cool with Raqi. 🤷🏾
Flip: Joe's temp was getting checked a lot!

Ish: He was Koors Light!

Ice: The mountains weren't blue?!?

Joe: That's funny... the mountains is where we gotta go to find his partner. If you keep hiding partners, why we calling you a G?

Ish fired back with a nuke 😂

I've spoke to Shadee mad times, she aint ever leaving Joe lol but I gotta check if she's taking any side nigga applications