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Dont drank out my drank, foo
So I had some work related questions and thought it could be a thread.

Most of us here work and have positions that involve some sort of management structure and that comes with goals and incentives and what not.

We get hit with the random assignments, the meetings, the presentations, etc.

Drop some questions or tips/knowledge on the matter. How have you navigated these things in your career? What worked out, what didnt? What could you have done differently?

Did you go all out or keep it simple? What'd you wear? How big is your team/department?

I have a new quarterly report to give that includes personal goals, team goals, and overall company goals....but its supposed to structured with no numbers or set places to be necessarily...just "objectives". 🤔

The "key results" in the end can include numbers or percentages but they dont want us focused on that. Its like some think tank shit smh

Anybody done anything similar?
I forgot about this. My bad lol.

Just asking for any insight the people may have on team leading, keeping employees engaged and motivated, how they go about presentations, meetings, etc.

I've already done the report i was talking about....went ok i guess, havent got a lot of feedback yet.

Anyway i was buzzing that morning thinking I could get some type of linked in leadership pow wow going lmao

"i use this software for presentations bro"

"i take my team out to eat on fridays"

"i stand up/sit down when speaking in meetings"

a lot of this shit is new to me....never been great with public speaking and I dont babysit or micromanage employees at all....i tend to leave them alone lol

but we've lost a lot of people and the company is changing/growing around me....felt like some different angles or opinions might be beneficial
I’ve been on this ladder for over a decade now in a management position bro, be glad to help. Matter of fact, just got offered a senior manager position at a Fortune 500 company that comes with a $20k/ year raise above what I’m making now! First piece of advice, sometimes you have to jump to another ladder to get farther up.

Anyway, as far as presentations and such, it depends on the culture of the company. I’d request to sit in on meetings you will eventually be a part of to see how others do things, then steal shamelessly those things that you feel comfortable doing. If most people sit when presenting, and you feel most comfortable doing that, then go for it. If most stand, you probably should too.

For the most part though make sure you speak clearly and confidently. Everybody can tell when you are not confident in what you’re speaking of. It’s hard to bullshit your way out of not knowing facts that everybody else in the room is familiar with. The way you get confidence is by knowing the material on which you are going to present inside and out. And remember, they don’t know what you planned on talking about, so if you miss something, they don’t know you missed it, so keep it moving. Trust me, the more comfortable you are with what you’re presenting the easier it’s going to be. I’ve been thrown in front of executive VP’s and CFO’s of a Fortune 500 companies to present financials after only being in the company for a month. I got through it, but that shit was the worst.

As far as your team, you have to manage each person the way they like to be managed. Best way to identify that quickly is simply ask. Do you like a lot of collaboration, a lot of feedback? Or do you work best autonomously? And manage accordingly. Always try to do things that brings the team together; games, icebreakers, etc. if you have a big team. Always big them up and give them all of the credit and you take all of the blame, but keep it real with them when they fucking up. Help as much as possible but identify when someone is helpless. And remember they're not a bad person, just not right for that job.

I know that's a lot and I probably didn't touch on some things, so if after reading this you have specific questions just let me know.