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Streamers vs Joe Budden

I never understood why niggas wanna watch other niggas play video games

Im 43. I stopped playin video games sum 20 years ago. And i only played 2k n splinter cell.

Do they still make splinter cell?

@any random goofy nigga


@Don Dada
What do they talk about? Current events n celebrity gossip...

So its like a radio call in show.

Kinda like whut they have in C-SPAN
Haven't watched twitch in ages but it really depends since there's so many different genres on twitch now

They probably just talk. Kind of like facetime group chat
that nigga watches other people play whole video games.

I dont understand it and it aint for me but theres clearly a market for that shit. Theres a lane and enough money to go around for everybody. This whole shit is silly
lol @ trying to shit on me for something millions do