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Just like i thought, coward. Death 2 all Crackkkas
Dec 21, 2017
Never heard of it.

I believe Elijah Muhammad's teachings. The White man was grafted on the Island of Patmos in the Aegan a scientist named Yacub.

I've never heard of Rudolph R Windsor and I'd be willing to bet that nobody else on ABW has heard of him either.
Like i said, Rudolph came out with a famous book in 1969 called
"From Babylon to Timbuktu"

It was very popular in the conscious hip hop community.
Very shocking you don't know about this. Krs was inspired by it but again forget about him

Scientifically speaking The Natufians are the first settlers in the Middle East. I use Middle East for conversation sake but I'm aware that there was never a Middle East to begin with. It is a racist construct. Middle East is Africa. They share the same tectonic plate

The Natufians lack the gene that causes light skin pigmentation which is SLC24A5 & SLC45A2.

The Natufians belong to Haplogroup E. Like I said. These are the first people in the Levant

The light skin arabs you mentioned earlier are Ottoman Turks. They are invaders as well as some light skin jews belonging to Haplogroup J

Abraham, Shem and his descendants would've look like dark skin Bedouins.

Study 5 Grand, study


Dec 23, 2017
If you have a passing interest in Ancient history, you'd know that the Egyptians were Arabs, not dark skinned Africans.

This is so dumb and uninformed I don't even know where to begin.

Dude thinks that the people from Africa weren't Africans but were actually Arabs from Arabia.
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