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FEATURED Rolling Stones co founder “ argues that Black & women artists aren't as "articulate on an intellectual level" as white male rockers.”


Racist white people are so weird. All the black and women artists out there, and he really thought none of them were articulate enough for an interview? Like buddy is talking like he really tried but couldn't find any. What a weird statement to make. Like dude said Stevie wonder wasn't really a genius when it comes to music and could articulate, but then pointed out Mick Jagger as someone that could.
Hes a white male. He likes white male artists cause he relates to them and so he thinks they are actually better writers.

Its a very entitled and dumb way to think. To think folks are better writers cause they came from a similar background to you and so their message reached you. Sure you can like them more as artists. But to think they are objectively better?

Show me 1 male rock and roll writer that wrote on a more intellectual level than Nas on Illmatic. And those songs had 48 written lines on average.

Writing 48 lines per song is way harder than the 6-12 lines that a rock song has.

Either way, get dude the fuck out of there and the fuck out my face.
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Why black people care about these white institutions so much? Is it that you can only be great when a white man says so?

I’m only an all time great actor when a white academy gives me an award, I’m only a great musician when an all white panel gives me a Grammy.

Did you gross millions and millions adore you for your influence? Those were millions that look like you and come from where you come from. you are the inspiration for what drives them?

But you ain’t whole till some old white people say you legit, fuck rolling stone and fuck these niggaz that want white approval so bad that shit like this is even worthy of being a story
Hes a white male. He likes white male artists cause he relates to them and so he thinks they are actually better writers.

If he had just said that, he probably would have been alright. Saying black people and women are dumb should have been an obviously wrong thing to do. But clearly you can tell he thought he was justified.
Ok read it again, he thinks only white male artist can really articulate about the artistry and feelings of Rock.

But he never interviewed someone black or a woman to really know their intimacy or philosophy about Rock n Roll.. what of Hendrix or Little Richard or Chuck Berry... what of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Tina Turner, etc...
He thinks he’s speaking facts (though he’s not), but I still don’t see a reason why we should care. Like I’m trying to come up with one good reason and I can’t seem to find one.
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