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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial (Jacob Blake Protest Shooting)

Mixed info on his condition... from critical to serious to stable and out of surgery so idk what the deal is on him. I’m glad he survived. Payday.
my cousin (black), posted this and said she didnt see the problem and that he could have been going for a gun

sure, thats a possibility ok. but just highly fucking unlikely with all them damn cops already drawn down on him, and with the kids in the car

I will say it was not a smart move to do that in a hostile situation, but nah the first reaction cant always be to shoot

i havent been to the academy but there cant be any part of training that teaches you to hold a man by his shirt and fire until he stops moving

this man aint big at all, and if they didnt already have guns out they could have easily tackled/tased him before he even went around the car
Still mixed and unconfirmed reports on his condition but he is alive.

I’ve watched the video and see many opportunities to stop him from reaching his front door as he walked around. They allowed him to get into his car. It’s almost as if they wanted him to do it.
Yeah, I don't know what to make of this one. Watching it, it's reasonable to think that he might have been going for a gun, so if the cops are telling him to stop and he's reaching without even trying to explain himself, the shooting might be justified. My problem is that I don't see why they let it get that far. There were multiple cops there. They could have tased him or taken him down before he got into the car.

I don't know. My guess that someone, maybe the cop lawyer, will say that the cops were hesitant to get physical because of current events, but then felt their lives were in danger once he got inside the car.