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"Shamier Anderson, Golshifteh Farahani, Sam Neill, Firas Nassar, and Shioli Kutsuna star in this sci-fi drama that will make you question what you would do under extraterrestrial threat.

Following multiple storylines across different continents, Invasion takes a global look at how one alien invasion would affect us all."
I had to restart episode 1 a bunch of times because I wasn’t paying attention and was getting lost lol

She should have left his ass in episode 2 when he was begging for the neighbors to just take him. Also I would have just drove over the grass in the suv instead of taking the Tesla lol
Having multiple stories is interesting but you really have to pay attention otherwise you'll get bored and lost

So he really called his fling instead of calling 911 for his kid. He also went out to use the hotels phone to call her again. Does his fling know how little of a man he is?

I was waiting for the little girl to kick the bully in the nuts

Why the hell didn't the bus driver just stop the bus and check on the kid? I'm surprised only 1 adult went on whatever trip they were going on even though it looked like a small group

I felt old when the kid was sharing music with the girl and called it old music...

I wasn't expecting Sam Neill to die in the first episode seeing as how he's in the damn trailer for the show lol

I'm curious what the aliens motives for invading the planet in this show are

I'll keep watching
I thought that asshole was going to try and leave his wife and kids again

Ugh. Can't stand when there's bullies in shows/movies. Is it wrong I was rooting for the bully to fall from the climb and die?

She's handled the affair pretty well so far though

I wondered what route they were going to go with the the father of the astronaut

No doubt their car is gone. Even if it's not I doubt they could backtrack to it. Though maybe the guy in the woods can. The kid walked all of that distance in such a short amount of time

They all made it up the climb? What are the odds they all made it? Guess this show just didn't want kids to die because I seriously doubt they'd all make it

That ending was trippy
Ok, so niggas thinking what I was thinking. Lol. I’ll check out episode 4 later.
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I laughed at the director giving her the access card and saying to save her. I can't help you but if you "steal" the stuff and just do it then go ahead? If she was fired how is she even able to get in the building now especially with some alien invasion happening. You'd think that place would be locked down

Why did the mother not say she's got kids back at the cabin?
I thought she was further away but I guess not. Also surprised she knew her way back

Of course the husband survives the attack for now lol he's likely got some of the alien inside him like that one person she performed surgery on. I actually thought something was going to fall from the shelves of the furniture leaning on the door. Don't know why she didn't just throw something to distract it again

Of course the vehicle gets unhooked at the end lol

So did the aliens bring whatever metal material that was that kills them to Earth during their invasion?

You just knew those 2 were gonna die. Especially when the woman started acting like a religious nut

The aliens don't seem that fast since she had enough time to make it out of the window in the basement with the kids

I think the aliens look original at least. They don't look similar to anything
I don't get the whole thing about trying to discover the signal from the spacecraft. They're dead. Unless they're trying to find out what everyone was staring at before it exploded?
Always find it funny when tv shows and movies have lower ranked soldiers cursing at higher ranked ones

I wondered if these stories would merge or not. Merging the soldier and the kids may bring some humor

I was expecting the husband and kid to catch the mother making out the doctor

The aliens attacked first and killed who knows how many people but Mitsuki sending video clips of her and her girlfriend will stop the invasion Lol
I'd give up if it wasn't just one more episode to the end. They dragged the hell outta this and some of the stories I just didn't care about anymore

Almost turned it off when she was swimming through space to get to the open spacecraft that had the video files of her and her girlfriend

So did the kid stop them or was it the nuke? If it was the nuke then that means the voice wasn't the astronaut right?

Very independence day ending with nuking the mothership and the aliens on the ground die